Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete tiles are Australia’s most popular roofing material. Homebuyers appreciate their beauty and durability and the diverse range of colours and profiles. Bristile Roofing uses only the best quality oxides to ensure long lasting and vibrant colours.

 Designer Range

In touch with tomorrow, the Designer range of tiles capture that visual vibe, and look amazing everytime.

Prestige Range

For a defining touch of class.

Traditional Range

Timeless and enduring, the Traditional range features colours are tried and true.

Classic Range

Impressive, Opulent, Stylish…

Heritage Range

Conservative and reliable, the Heritage range captures the essence of historic Australian house design.

Premiere Range

The Premiere range has been crafted to suit aspirational homes. The smooth finish, dark colour, and unique tile design replicates the appearance of smaller slate tiles at a fraction of the cost.